Thursday, August 23, 2012

Out but not down

I may have been out of the race scene for six weeks after TSE, but I wasn’t down.  Well to be honest my initial reactions to being out of action were filled with why me’s and why now’s. Well it turned out not to be dreadful.  It was pretty much the most pleasant summer I have had in years.  The rest did me wonders and now I am back at it fresher than ever.  Following is a short top ten list of my time back in the saddle:

          10.       Southern Michaux trail rides with cupcakes to get the skills back.
9.      My S works epic.  It helped soften the ride.
8.      TNW rides to get the top end running
7.      Curse of Dark Hollow, Michaux PA 1st place.  Great test of how my injury would respond to the demands of technical riding.  Thank goodness for my specialized epic.  It was a grand day of riding and hanging with friends.
6.     Wilderness 101, Coburn, PA 1st place.  Yikes, that was hard.  Again my bike was the bomb and my body responded well to the distance.
5.     Houseboats and the Allegripis Trail system.  Pure fun and enjoyment. 
4.     Rattling Creek 50, Lykens, PA 1st place.  Super fun, fast, and techy.  Best prize swag which included Toasted Head Wine. 
3.     Bear Creek, PA 1st place  PA state champion
      2.     New Hampshire 100.  Old School raw trail system, great venue, perfect B&B, a race weekend turned holiday.
      1.     Planning my trip to Fools Gold.  Cheryl Sornson - WINNER - Fresh for the EPIC battle

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  1. Looks like you took care of #1 down in GA. Congrats on coming back strong after some rest and healing. Very psyched for you :) oox kerry