Thursday, November 29, 2012

Long Time Gone

Not Forgotten,

Many things written in my head, however the AI is not with me to put my thoughts directly into this blog.  There is still the requirement that I turn the computer on and type the words.  

To make this easy for me,  I will again do a picture blog.

Iron Cross October 2012

Wilderness 101 July 2012

PA state champs 2012

Enjoying the day

Nue Champion 2012


Teaberry 2012

Gran Fondo National Championship 2012

so cute

Thanksgiving 2012

OMG he's thirteen


Beautiful Fall

Gran Fondo National Champ 2012

PA state Champ 2012

Getting it Done NUE tie Breaker


Transylvania Epic Stage Race Champion Open women
National Ultra Endurance Champion
PA State Champion
Michaux Endurance Series Champion
National Gran Fondo Champion

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