Thursday, December 1, 2011


Spice is nice.

Letting go of competition as the leaves changed, I changed my routine by spending my days with middle school students helping them find their way as they sometimes somehow also help me find mine, spending early mornings doing master swim workouts, 5 to 7 mile runs, yoga, lifting.  I then come home and spend time with family.  Most fun of all has been riding with Lee and Levi.  Levi is growing up so fast and now loves to ride road bikes.  It has been a blast.  He is no slacker and our latest adventure was a 35 mile charity ride.  His first group ride.  He did great.  with him getting older he is also getting taller.  I was able to outfit him on my 26'r carbon full suspension era the other day to tackle Michaux.  Lee and I were a bit worried about the technical level, but did our best to find the tamest route.  We ended up riding up the blue, skipped sting, but then went down little bastard to the waterfall, around loon, up the fire road to yellow hill.  Up to the top and then down one of the best downhills in the forest.  He shredded it!!  All in all it was 10 miles and two hours.  Besides a couple of steeps down little bastard and up yellow hill, he rode a clean ride.  Well, once the laurel took him out and sent him over the bars, but it was all in fun.

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