Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Southern Cross

And so it begins, as it practically ended.  Six months later I found myself in Dahlonega, GA again, but not on a moutain bike.  I was ultra cross racing!  Wasn't so sure I would embrace the vibe, but I did.  It was so refreshing to be competing in something kinda like moutainbiking, but not, kinda like 100's but not.  It was exciting.  Exactly what I needed to fuel my motivation and determination for the 2012 season.  Anybody got any water?  (Fortunately my first two bottles were filled with CarboRocket which got me thru just fine, thanks Brad.)

I left for GA knowing that I felt good and I was prepared.  My preparedness had to do with the wonderful resources I have surrounding me.  This winter I began working with a new coach, Chris Newell, from Sublime Athletics.  He has been wonderful in helping me change things up and set new goals.  Along with adding intensity to my riding, he is helping me add in swimming and running to prepare me for my introduction to Exterra racing.  To add intensity to my riding, I have been working very hard a couple of nights a week at Kelly Acres Speed Shop.  The speed shop is definitely intense.  I am also thankful to my wonderful teammate, Selene, who offered up a cross bike for me to race.  Without it I don't believe I would have been as fast.  Further thanks go out to Gettysburg Bike Shop for their complete patience with all my needs.  They helped me get a great fit on the bike and set up my wheels to be tubeless.  Their work helped me race with a bike that was perfectly suited for the day. 
At the Southern Cross I placed 1st open women and 28th overall.  I believed I could do it and I did.  I will continue to believe.  As I have said before, it may seem like the same thing each year, I ride my bike.  However it is so much more. 

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