Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fooling around

Fools Gold 100 is a hard race to commit to.  Racing 100 miles in Ga in late August just doesn't sound right.    It even sounds worse when it takes an 11 hour drive to get there.  I had reasons to go.  I was still off work for the summer and could take the time.  It is a beautiful area to visit.  My son wanted to take a road trip with me.  I had some inner demons daring me to race against them.  Never had a win at the Fools and would like to go for it.  And lastly, to chase NUE series points for second place overall.  It has been a tough fight this year against the very talented Amanda Carey who has the number one spot in the NUE series.  I did not want to waste all that work by giving up on second place.

I had some reservations about traveling 11 hours with a 11 year old.  I was also worried how I would deal with an 11 year old while also dealing with my pre-race preparations and nerves.  I decided to put all the angst aside and roll with it.  It was a great time for both of us.  Levi volunteered to help the race promoters at registration and then again on race day.  This kept him busy and entertained while I dealt with the race.  The pool at the race venue was also a plus on his fun meter for the weekend.  As for the driving, he couldn't assist with that, but he did keep me entertained enough to make the time go by easily.

I went into the Fools race feeling rested, hydrated and determined.  Determined to put in a strong race start to finish.  Determined to let it hurt, welcome the hurt, laugh at the hurt.  My determination paid off with a win and a new inspiration to be proud and grateful that I have the talent, ability, and willpower to ride strong.

It was a great weekend to catch up with great people and meet new great people.  We shared our experience and tales of  riding dreadful fire road climbs and fast rolling singletrack in the Chattahoochee National Forest.  Good times!

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