Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Or not.

Regardless it is around the corner.  I am putting the last touches on the fitness, pulling together logistics, and starting to get excited.  While anticipating what is to come, I can not help but reflect on how much I have enjoyed the front end of this amazing trip.  The training has been tough, but very rewarding.  Going out in crazy cold conditions were worth the effort and provided for some truly beautiful, serene riding moments. To keep things motivating, I also traveled to meet my teamate Selene and was able to experience great new places to ride.  One ride took us to a Pagoda in Pa and another took us to the pine barons of NJ.  There was no training camp or warm weather locales, but I found out that I didn't need that.  I can train through the winter without much travel and get all the goods in.  I feel like I have already taken a trip to new lands and now I am leaving on another.  It seems to some that I do the same thing each year, you know, ride my bike. In no way is it just that.


  1. You're going to Africa to do what? You have a blog? You were in the pine barons? That's my hood... for now?

  2. Where have you been Jake, oh yeah, newly wed... I am racing in the Absa Cape Epic. I have had this blog, just not very good at keeping up with it. Thought it was a good idea to try and keep it up with AFrica experience. Yep, heard you ride the Barons. (thanks for the proper spelling)